Monday, February 4, 2013

Sometimes Just Putting It Out There Helps to Make It Happen

It has been crazy around her ethe last two days.  My son had his 6th birthday party yesterday.  The kids had a great time at his  Fossil Finder party at Bob Jones Nature of our favorite places.  Both of my sons have attended classes there over the past 3 years.  I love their program and I love their philosophy...and I especially love...drum roll please....that I have a job interview there this weekend.  Just when I was feeling like there was no hope of me ever working again...I have an interview.  Obviously an interview does not mean I have a job yet, but I am super excited because I haven't even been able to get call backs on my applications up until now.  I feel like things are moving in the right direction!

I have been talking or rather...commiserating with friends for quite sometime about the job situation.  But then I came here and started planning on what to do next and interview popped up.  The best part about if I get this job is that some of my other ideas about starting a business fit very well with this position.  I think one can compliment the other.  So I am just going to keep putting one foot in front of the other and see where it leads.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Learned from NaNoWriMo

My first year to participate in NaNoWriMo was 2001.  What is NaNoWriMo?  National Novel Writing Month.  Check it out here  I haven't done it in more than a few years now, but I sure would like to again.  I think 2013 is my year.  The pemise of Nano is to get aurthors to write and finish a book of no less than 50,000 words during the month of November.  Sounds a bit crazy I know.  Many authors sit for months writing a book.  I know a few people trying to write books at the moment and they are busy with outlines and notes and sometimes they write.  They also edit while they write.  Nano will give you a different perspective on writing.  Their point...just write.  Do as much as you can, as fast as you can.  As the thoughts come...just commit to them and go with with it.  I have participated 4 times in the project and successfully finished twice.  Now what I need is a National Novel Publishing Month because I have two is particulary good...and I have not done anything to publish them yet.  The same fear or hesitation that keeps authors from writing is keeping me from publishing...when will it end?

Well, I propose that it end in March.  I am already in to February and I want to make sure I allow myself enough time to actually get it done.  So March 2013 will be my Personal Novel Publishing Month. it's been said.

So what I learned from NaNoWriMo is to stop overthinking and second guessing yourself because you will never get anywhere.  Just do, or write, or act on the ideas that come through your head and you're bound to make more progress.  Will you make mistakes too?  Probably...but at least you won't be sitting in the same spot 5 years from now still wondering if you should do 'X'. 

One other interesting thing about Nano is that when I started, it was tiny.  There were maybe 1,000 participants.  It was headquartered in San Francisco, which is where I lived at the time.  When the month was over, I went to the NaNoWriMo party.  It was fascinating to meet the other authors and we all got a chance to read one page of each other's novels.  I look at NaNoWriMo now and it is a huge international event.  I wonder if Chris Baty (the founder) ever thought his project would become so big.  It started in 1999 with only 21 participants...friends of Chris Baty.  Now there are hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the world.  It's really impressive how just one, small, simple idea has blossomed into what it has.  So my goal for myself and what I want to pass onto you is to act on your good matter how small.  Don't overthink where it's going.  Just pour yourself into the moment and let things evolve from there.  A good idea that you remain committed to will likely go places.

On another topic, yesterday I did something I have never done before...I signed up to be my son's soccer coach.  I have been a teacher, but never a coach.  To be honest, I don't even know all the rules of soccer, but it's not like I will be coaching The LA Galaxy or anything.  I went to the first coaching meeting yesterday and met some very nice people.  There were a lot of people willing to help me out and give me tips.  I think it will be a great season with my little group of 6 year old boys.  It's a small idea and a small step towards being involved and seeing where life leads you.  I will keep you posted on the progress of my Rowdy Rockets!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Getting Started

Isn't getting started always the hardest part.  I have started several blogs actually, but I haven't kept on with any of them.  I like to write and I am good at it, but I also think that because I read so many other blogs, my own voice gets lost somewhere when I try to emulate others I admire.  So...I am just getting started once again, but not giving it near as much thought.  I am starting to believe that this idea that you need to have well laid plans in order to make something successful hinders many of us from moving forward at all.  We do not need perfection...we just need to put one foot in front of the other and make *something* happen.  See where it goes.  And at the very least...if you are doing it from your heart and doing what feels right for you in the moment, at least you have that!  I invite you to get started with me.  Whatever it is that you have been putting off because you feel you don't have the appropriate planning done, the background, the education, whatever....just start putting one foot in front of the other today. 

About me?  Well, I am a mother and wife.  I have two sons.  I am not sure when it happened that I began to descibe myself in this way.  Prior to my son being born, I told people I was a teacher and I also did a lot of investing.  I was a go-getter!  I didn't really plan much.  If I knew I wanted to do something, I immediately just started moving towards my goal and did it.  I was pretty much always successful.  Once I put my mind to something, whatever it got done!  I was never fearful that I might fail.  So here I am at 39 years old with many successes under my belt, a good education, a great resume, full of ideas...why, now, do I find myself stalling?  Things have changed.  I think things have changed for many of us, haven't they?  When I got pregnant with my first son, I was living in San Francisco.  I had a great job where I was well respected.  I was going to grad school on the side for Finance.  My husband was warm, caring, handsome, and successful in his own career.  He made very good money and we were very comfortable there and living in the marina in San Francisco.  Life was very easy.  We worked for it, but we had arrived at a point where things were just easier. 

We moved to Texas when I was about 4 months pregnant.  I had decided to take time off as a teacher to take care of my baby.  My husband kept recieving job offers from other firms around the world.  He hadn't applied for anything nor was he looking, but apparently he was a hot ticket and people wanted him to come work for them.  So we weighed our options and he took a job for a firm in Dallas.  We were able to buy a big beautiful house in a great neighborhood with nationally highly ranked schools.  This is the dream, right?  We were in our thirties and financially stable, getting ready to have a baby, buying a great home that would be perfect for our future brood...the works!  The new firm where my husband worked was singing his praises all the time.  He closed a huge deal within months of being there...the biggest deal the firm had ever closed by far.  He felt his job was completely secure. 

We had our baby and life continued.  Then...............he lost his job.  Just like that, we were unemployed with a 7 month old baby and a fat mortgage.  My husband assured me that a few months out of work wasn't going to be a big deal.  I panicked a bit, but then began to relax as he began looking for a new job.  People were interested, but at the same time, the economy was getting worse.  A few months later, the economy was in a place that I didn't know could exsist outside of The Great Depression. 

 I will cut to the chase, It has been almost 5 1/2 years since my husband lost his job and he is in the room next to me doing what he does  Looking through job postings, calling people, e-mailing people, following up on resumes he has sent, etc. 

I began doing the same thing about a year ago.  I thought it would be easy for me to get a job since it HAS always been easy for me to get a job.  I have now applied for every job, teaching or otherwise that I could remotely be qualified for.  I usually do not even get an e-mail back saying that they are not interested.  I haven't had one single interview.  I'll be frank...this is depressing.  Just yesterday, I applied for two more jobs and did atleast get a response from one person saying I was over qualified.  Ummmm....I just want to work.  One very good piece of advice this woman gave me though is to stop looking for jobs and start a business of my own.  I have considered doing this in the past and have made plans for doing this.  I even have somewhat of a partner with one plan that has for now...gone by the wayside, but when I start to think of what I might lose...I panic and I begin to look for jobs again.  I have children now and if I isn't just me.  But on the otherhand, I am not getting younger and my money is flying out the door as you read this.  It's true that if I am going to right this ship, it's only because I am going to have to go out on a limb and make it work...somehow.  I don't know how yet, but I have to put one foot in front of the other today.

So...if this is you.  Join with me.  Don't check your facebook next because it really doesn't matter.  Don't check your e-mail again.  Don't read the next blog entry here or anywhere else.  Sit back for a moment and think about what it is you are trying to do in your life.  What are you procrastinating on?  How are you holding yourself back?  Find a quiet space and meditate on it.  Write your own journal entry or even a blog entry about it.  This is the time for action...this very moment.  I will see you again tomorrow, but for now...I am going for it. 

As for tomorrow, I know I want to write about NanoWrimo and how their philosophy can help me (and you) move forward.  Read it...TOMORROW!  Seriously....get off the internet now;)